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Established in 1991, Silver Jeans Co.’s rich history and family heritage are what make us truly one of a kind. The company is an extension of Western Glove Works, which was founded by the first generation Silver family in 1921 (in Winnipeg, Manitoba) and holds the spot as the oldest privately held denim producer in North America.

Translation: the Silvers have been designing denim for nearly a century. So yeah, you could say we know a thing or two about jeans.

Calley High Rise Slim Bootcut

Elyse Mid-Rise Curvy Relaxed Straight Leg

Elyse Straight Leg Cut


Suki Mid Rise Capri

Suki Mid Rise Skinny Crop

Suki Mid Rise Slim Bootcut

Suki Mid Slim Boot Dark Wash

Suki Slim Bootcut

Suki Straight Dark Wash