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You can see and feel the Pendleton passion for quality. See it in the intricate patterns of blankets inspired by Native American designs and legends. Feel it in the softness of the lightweight, luxurious 100% pure virgin wool Blankets we produce. We’ve been a family-owned business for 150 years, and for 104 of those years we’ve been weaving world class woolens in our Northwest Mills.

American West

Big Medicine Blanket Oxford

Chimayo Throw Zf646-53396

Chief Joseph Grey Blanket

Chimayo Throw Zf646-53784

Chief Joseph Indigo ZD411-51130

Harding Oxford XD421-53361

Jacquard Harding ZD421-53052

Chimayo Coral Throw ZF646-50694

Chimayo Throw ZF646-52240

Jacquard San Migue ZD405-51148

Chief Joseph Aqua ZD411-51128

Chief Joseph Turquoise ZD411-51124

Chief Joseph Khaki ZD411-51114

Chief Joseph Black ZD411-51105

Jacquard Pinelodge ZD517-53215

Jacquard Big Medicine ZE494-52417

Spider Rock Wash Cloth XB220-52908

Spider Rock Hand Towel XB219-52908

Spider Rock Spa Towel XB233-52908

Chief Joseph Aqua Spa Towel XB233-51128

Spa Towel xb233-53411

Spa Towel Harding xb233-55165

Tucson Turquoise Spa Towel XB233-53508

Chief Joseph Grey Spa Towel XB233-51108

Spa towel Chief Joseph xb233-51114

Spa Towel Jacquard xb233-55167

Chief Joseph Bath Towel Grey xb218-51108

Chief Joseph Hand Towel XB219-51128

Chief Joseph Wash Cloth xb220-51108

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