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Laurentian Chief Amerindian footwear are inspired by footwear worn by Aboriginal and Amerindian tribes. Our company Eugene Cloutier, has been manufacturing moccasins, slippers and mukluks since 1945. Three generations of craftsmen have perfected their expertise and passed on their passion to perpetuate the tradition and art of leatherwork.

In Addition to the moccasins Listed on this page, we have many,many more Moccasins in our store!

Sheep Skin-Chocolate_#9133

Cowhide - #2474

Moose Hide - #3107

Suede - Mocka - #77

Tan Rubber Sole - #4110

Hard Sole - Deer Tan - #4112

Deer Tan Lined - #2479

Sheep Skin - Mokca- #9113

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